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Always Looking

Hi Guys. Welcome back. It’s often said we are always changing things in the cafe, well I suppose that’s true, but I’d hope that because we are always finding stuff that’s better than we had, if that’s even possible LOL. It was always my vision to bring the best products I could within reason, it as needs to work for us all, you need to enjoy it and I need to make profit from it – or Boab and the guys don’t get paid, it’s The virtuous circle. So today I’m off on my travels again, this time I’m off to London Coffee Festival 2019, what am I looking for… I don’t really know as there is so much amazing coffee being produced on our doorstep in Glasgow and close by, but I’ve gotta go and check it out, you never know. I doubt il find anything special or better than we can get locally from Dear Green, Tin Donkey, Unorthodox Roaster or Thomson’s but let’s see. Cake is my main search this weekend, and who doesn’t like cake…. I’ve also got to mention sustainability, we all have a part to play, get yourself a reusable cup, il give you a discount on your hot drinks if you do, cause if we as individuals don’t make the change the government will force it upon us in another unfair tax, and none of us like TAX. Anyway I have still a beer of 2 to drink, before I hit London, so be sure and ask me how it went when your next in, and remember your reuseable cups, even an old mug fea the kitchen it’s a start.
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