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Support Independents

Hi, anyone that knows us will know we are a Independently owned, 1 person, 1 decision maker, no board or directors, no shareholders, just me and my small team trying to make it work, pay the bills and hopefully a wee bit left over for a treat.

There are loads of us up and down the country, trying to make it work, battling against the big corporations – Costa, Greggs, McDonald’s, Asda, Tesco, Amazon to name just a few.

What is the purpose of this rant / blog, Well I’m asking that the next time your out and about, take a minute, make a choice, choose and independent be it a coffee, a sandwich, a steak for dinner, a bunch of flowers, treats for your pet, there are lots of small local businesses all around us vying for our money and way more appreciative of it than the big guys.

Every purchase you make with a local independent business helps pay a mortgage, buy a dance lesson for a daughter, football training session for a son, take the financial pressure off a family, it does make a difference, and is appreciated.

Today I had breakfast at “Good Times Roll an Independent cafe in Ibrox area (way better than McDonalds), bought a coffee and cake at “Toro Coffee” in Shawlands it was Very Good (a million times better than Costa), and Rocky got dog treats from “Creature Comforts” in Shawlands, way better than that prepackaged sh1t Available in the supermarkets.

Make the choice, we appreciate it and you should be able to tell the difference, support small businesses, every little helps.

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